There’s no denying that 2013 has been an aggressive development year for Resource Edge, makers of TalentHook Cloud. The Recruiting marketplace offers more tools and software than ever before creating healthy and spirited competition among software providers to produce the most intuitive and comprehensive recruitment solutions. Resource Edge has remained true to it’s commitment: cost effective, powerful search and candidate management tools without all the bloated features you don’t want or need. 


Resource Edge has a long history in the business of Internet sourcing and the mining of hard to find candidates. The brand name TalentHook goes back for over 15 years and the most recent edition, TalentHook Cloud, launched in 2012.

TalentHook Cloud is a powerful product, combining the efficiency of its predecessor, TalentHook Sphere, with some big enhancements. This is just a shortlist of the biggest enhancements rolled out this year: 

  • Uninterrupted Productivity: Cloud Computing
    Access TalentHook and your resumes from any computer.  Now your data is stored on the cloud, so you have your data when you need it, wherever you are working.
  • Total Workflow Customization to Match the Way You Work: Customization Elements
    Create your own workflow with enhanced administrative controls and custom folders and fields.
  • Reach Candidates Faster, Stay In Contact Longer: Automated Email Recruitment Campaigns
    Run automated recruitment email campaigns for each job in your org tree, campaigns reach candidates for up to two weeks with your career opportunities.
  • Better Candidate Engagement: Scheduled Reminders, Pre-Built Communication Templates
    Schedule email reminders for candidates with preset delivery days and times and use new pre-built email template libraries so you never have to cut and paste or miss a communication opportunity again.
  • More Effective Search Set Up: Schedule and Execute Continuous Search
    Schedule searches to run continuously until search limits are met.
  • Better Candidate Management
    Share candidates across jobs in your application, share candidate views across your team and more.
  • More Resources: Social Networks, Industry Niche Sites, Free Resources over 2200 and Growing
    New resources for specialized recruiting including healthcare and military candidates.
  • Google Calendar Syncing
    Stay up to date with Google calendar sync. View candidate events in your Google calendar and non-recruitment events within the application.
  • New User-Guided Help within the Application
    User Intuitive Help built directly in the application to help you locate answers to nearly any question you have about completing a task or using a feature more strategically. 

We have major announcements coming soon on a huge new feature – coming soon. If you haven’t taken the new TalentHook Cloud for a spin – it’s time for you to set up a demo and see how much this powerful solution has improved and refined the online recruitment experience.