The TalentHook Cloud front-end prospect candidate management solution is just that – a powerhouse tool that:

  • Reduces time to hire averages
  • Brings down existing cost per hire
  • Promotes cleaner talent databases
  • Promotes better communication among recruitment teams
  • Eliminates repetitive administrative steps
  • Encourages full use all search resources and resume data


So, how do different organizations utilize TalentHook Cloud?

If your company currently uses at Applicant Tracking System…

Many recruitment functions often have a solution in place to manage candidates after the recruitment process has lead to any final disposition status. The Applicant Tracking System is a back-end product, used to house all of the data collected on the front end of the process…but what system is in place to optimize and automate that front-end process?

Today, many ATS products include an add-on a front-end search module. However, those front-end modules have several challenges: searches are slow and cumbersome to execute (think days versus minutes); the search resources are limited (think dozens versus thousands). For those seeking as much power on the front-end of their process as they have on the back-end, there is TalentHook. Clients use TalentHook Cloud as their front-end solution to source more resumes in less time, generate a talent pipeline and then manage that pipeline to hire. Candidate detail and history are then exported into the Applicant Tracking System for archiving and post hire data management.

If your company currently does not use an Applicant Tracking System…

Some companies do not require an Applicant Tracking System for back-end data management. In that case, a strong front-end solution like TalentHook Cloud offers all the perks of fast, streamlined and automated resume search coupled with features that provide substantial management capability for candidates evaluated for hire.

Companies using TalentHook Cloud as a candidate management solution find the simple, intuitive interface is perfect for migrating talent through the stages of the hiring process without having to navigate through a feature-heavy, complicated ATS that provides more functionality than the company requires. TalentHook Cloud offers tracking activity, detail collection, light reporting and a clean, duplicate-free talent database that is efficient and cost-effective.

Benefits for Staffing Companies:

For staffing companies, where speed and efficiency can ensure more clients and more profits – TalentHook Cloud has immediately impacts business by producing a higher volume of prospects into the talent database daily. A clean, full database of talent means better candidates are presented to clients, at a faster rate. Faster than your competition. Faster client hires equal more sales productivity. And more sales productivity means more revenue.

Benefits for Corporate Recruiting:

For corporate recruiters, TalentHook’s speed and efficiency means better recruiting and hiring metrics. Key measurable trends like: time to fill, number of jobs filled by recruiter, and cost per hire help to establish the value of the recruitment team within an organization. Better hiring numbers and increased process efficiency equate to happy hiring managers, department heads and executive leadership. Efficient candidate search using TalentHook has proven to shave thousands of dollars off one of the biggest expenses in corporate recruiting – premium job board contracts.

Interested in learning how TalentHook Cloud might fit into your business process? Let’s talk.