Virtual Researcher

word jumbleNeed help filling your jobs? Meet your new Virtual Researcher.

We’d like to introduce you to a new member to your team.

A tireless research expert, who scours hundreds of Internet websites and locates experienced candidates – everyday.
A dedicated assistant who understands that EVERY website can be a potential source for the next great hire.
A master of search algorithms that work successfully on social networks, search engines and websites beyond your employment sites.
A researcher who narrows your resume searches to the specific cities, towns, and zip codes you are seeking candidates from.
A marketer who immediately reaches out to great candidates, and continues to contact them on your behalf for 2 weeks.
A screener who eliminates duplicate resumes and makes sure you only review each candidate once.

Sound too good to be true? Your new Researcher is a workhorse, working weekends, and skipping vacations to ensure your talent pipelines stay full of unique, unduplicated candidates your competitors may have missed.

TalentHook Cloud’s new Virtual Researcher will configure all of your searches to produce potentially hundreds of different search configurations, then apply those configurations across every website you want to search to get the best search results possible. All this and you don’t have to negotiate salary and manage benefits. This might be your best new hire, yet.