TalentHook Front-End

TalentHook’s vast search of thousands of websites with export to many ATS. A powerhouse sourcing tool for big sourcing needs.

TalentHook ATS

TalentHook’s sourcing tools with full ATS capability. A powerful staffing solution.

Quick Post Job Posting Bundle

Job Posting + Application Invitations to up to 1000 candidates monthly.


Efficient Resume Search

  • Over 2,300 resume sources
  • Scheduled search agents
  • Internal database search
  • Resume de-duplication
  • Target zip codes search
  • Automated boolean search
  • Saved search library

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Diverse Candidate Sources

  • Premium & free employment site
  • Search engines
  • Military sites
  • Professional networks
  • Social networks
  • College sites
  • State and local job sites

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Recruitment Marketing

  • Bulk email campaigns
  • Email template libraries
  • Job postings
  • Custom job web pages
  • Branded job application pages
  • Social job sharing
  • Automated reminders

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Candidate Management

  • Custom pipeline folders
  • Automated reminders
  • Tasks and scheduling tools
  • Document library
  • Candidate sharing tools

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Compliance Tools

  • User roles
  • Permissions setting
  • Custom actions
  • Custom tasks
  • Custom events

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Custom Reporting

  • Custom advanced reports
  • Custom dashboards
  • Graphic and detail reports
  • Reports permission
  • Email/PDF/In Product report sharing

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