Prospecting & Candidate Management

Manage prospects better. Fill jobs faster. Never let a candidate fall through the cracks.


Prospecting Candidate Generation
Prospects are retrieved from advanced automated custom search agents that run per your specifications. Search strings are stored so you can repeat and refine searches based on the success of your previous efforts and you can set limits so that your regular searches never exceed the set limits usually stipulated in your pay board search agreements. Smart resume filtering prohibits duplicate resumes from entering the prospect database so you can ensure your search data is clean. Eliminate: manual search, repetitive search activity across a variety of internet resume sources, cross checking your database for duplicate resume data, contacting the same candidate twice, manual pipeline development.

Candidate Marketing
Automated drip email marketing campaigns that “warm up” prospects are pushed out as those prospects are downloaded into the application. This drip marketing campaign encourages prospects to call in for consideration – making your call time shorter and much more productive. Marketing campaigns can also be used strategically to drive prospects to your career website, your job openings or other company content with targeted hyperlinks in the body of your email message. Eliminate: your volume of “cold calls,” time lost leaving voice-mail messages, missing great prospects because your competitor contacted them first.

Candidate Management
Store common email templates for every part of your process. Set up emails for all your regular communications: contact requests, interview scheduling, directions to your facility, reminders, confirmations and more. The communication library can expedite emailing candidates, sending event reminders for candidates and team members and all common communications. Communications go out to candidates personalized with their names and event details for a professional and personal touch. Candidates migrate into the appropriate status folders as you update their status. Eliminate: cutting and pasting email content, misinformed candidates, candidates slipping through the cracks of your sourcing process, missed events, emails sent to the wrong candidate for the wrong position, communication or experiences that fail to brand your company professionally.

Candidate Sharing
All-Team access gives you the ability to view other teammates’ calendars and jobs, organize and schedule communications internally and externally, share candidate tracking details and assign candidates to another member of your team to avoid lags in your candidate submission process. Promote sharing of information, and job/candidate visibility that helps your team perform optimally. Eliminate: delays in the prospecting process when you are out of the office, collection and dispersal of candidate history, confusion on candidate status or availability, poor use of solid prospects that are good fits for other positions being sourced by a different recruiter.

Pipeline Development
Identify and develop candidate folders for each stage in the evaluation and recruitment process with total customization to your process. Migrate candidates through those folders, keeping them organized and giving you a quick visual on what stage of your process needs attention and additional activity. Determine when and if you want your results managed using your Applicant Tracking System or configure TalentHook Cloud to organize your process through to final recruitment action. Eliminate: rebuilding your process to “fit” your tools, losing candidates at any stage of your prospecting cycle, black holes in your process when candidates stall or fall out of consideration.