Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Resource Edge?

Resource Edge is the software development company that develops recruitment solutions including TalentHook Cloud, for a broad range of companies including large enterprise corporations, staffing organizations and independent recruitment professionals. To learn more about Resource Edge, please visit our company website.

Where does TalentHook search for resumes?

TalentHook searches for resumes from a comprehensive list of Internet website categories:

Open web: Google, Bing and other search engines, military, government and organization sites and ISPs

Colleges: College, University and alumni websites

Free boards: Craigslist, JobScout, Indeed and more

Pay boards: Subscription-only boards including: Monster, Careerbuilder,  Dice and industry specific sites

Organization Search: Flip and X-Ray search technology applied to company and organization urls

Desktop: Outlook and Desktop search capability

Online Social Networks: LinkedIn

Can TalentHook search pay-boards?

Yes. TalentHook searches a broad range of pay-boards. You can use TalentHook to simultaneously search all of the pay-boards you have subscription access to.

How many resumes can I find using TalentHook?

There are an estimated 100+ million resumes posted on the Internet. TalentHook allows you to search through these resumes, wherever they are (whether on pay boards, free boards, or the open web), and find only those resumes that match your search criteria. You are only limited by the specifics of your search, or the limits you set on your own search results during search set up.

How much does TalentHook cost?

TalentHook is licensed on a subscription basis. For more information on pricing for your business, please contact our sales department.

How many sites does TalentHook currently search?

For a regularly updated list of resources, please visit this resource page

Does TalentHook post jobs?

No. TalentHook does not post jobs; however, we will be introducing job posting functionality before the end of the year.

Is TalentHook an Applicant Tracking System?

No. TalentHook is a front-end prospecting and candidate management system designed to automate and streamline the search and initial processing of candidates as they enter the recruitment consideration process. While it is not designed to be an ATS, it does have a powerful candidate tracking and pipeline management functionality to keep you organized from search to hire. Export to ATS providers can be done, but will require work with your provider to establish development time/costs.


Will my data be stored on your servers or on my computer?

Both. Your data and search results are all cached on your local desk top for quicker access, as well as online servers storage (the cloud). We have a team of developers assigned to ensuring your server access remains stable and consistent.

Can I login to TalentHook Cloud via the web?

You can log into TalentHook Cloud from any computer, all of your data is stored on the cloud to make your information accessible from any location.

Can I export data from the application?

Yes. TalentHook can export lead or report data in several formats.

What are the Technical Set Up requirements for product installation?

For successful installation, we recommend the following:

  • 2GHz or higher multi-core processor
  • 2GB RAM (4GB recommended)
  • 2GB of free hard disk space (includes space for resume cache)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, or 8, 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • Internet access (DSL or faster is recommended)

Can I sync my calendar with my TalentHook calendar?

Yes. If you use Google calendar, you can sync your Google calendar with your TalentHook calendar. For instructions on how to set your calendar up for syncing, check the online training library available through your application.