Who is Resource Edge?

Resource Edge is the software development company that develops recruitment and contact management solutions including TalentHook Cloud, for a broad range of companies – large enterprise corporations, staffing organizations and independent recruitment professionals. To learn more about Resource Edge, please visit our company website.

How much does TalentHook cost?

TalentHook is licensed on a subscription basis. Prices vary based on product type, and volume discounts may apply. For more information on pricing for your business, please schedule a demo to learn more.

Does TalentHook post jobs?

Yes! TalentHook provides job posting capability to over 200 locations with custom application pages so respondents come directly back into the application.

Does TalentHook offer an ATS solution?

Yes! To learn more about our ATS please visit our Sales & Pipeline Management page.

Does TalentHook help with passive recruiting?

Yes! In addition to job posting, TalentHook also features social job sharing tools that allow you to build you own custom job pages with custom application pages. You can use these pages to promote jobs anywhere: college fairs, social websites, web advertising, professional networks, referral programs – anywhere you can share a weblink!

How much does Resource Edge charge for Training?

There is no charge for Training.

How much does Resource Edge charge for Updates?

There are no charges for product updates

How many sites does TalentHook search?

For a regularly updated list of resources, please visit our resource page, or schedule a demo to talk with one of our sales reps.

Where does TalentHook search for resumes?

TalentHook searches for resumes from a comprehensive list of Internet website categories:

Open web: Google, Bing and other search engines

Colleges: College, University and alumni websites

Free boards: Craigslist, JobScout, Indeed and more

Pay boards: Subscription-only boards including: Monster, Careerbuilder,  Dice and industry specific sites

Organization Search: Flip and X-Ray search technology applied to company and organization urls

Desktop: Outlook and Desktop search capability

Social Networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+

Internal Search: Searches your TalentHook database for resumes already retrieved from other searches

Will my data be stored online or on my computer?

Both. Your data and search results are all cached on your local computer for quicker access, as well as online in secure cloud services for easy sharing with your other computers or co-workers. We have a team of developers assigned to ensuring your server access remains consistent.

Can I login to TalentHook via the web?

No. To login, you will need to have access to a computer. However, all of your data is stored in the cloud to make your information accessible from any location where you have TalentHook installed.

Can I export/import data?

Yes. You can import and export data to TalentHook.

Does TalentHook sync with Google?

Yes. TalentHook syncs with Google calendar.

Does TalentHook sync with Outlook?

Yes, TalentHook syncs with Outlook.

Can I use TalentHook on a Mac?

To utilize TalentHook on a Mac, you must first ensure you have Parallels installed to provide a Windows environment on your Apple computer.