Search better. Increase prospect volume. Make better use of costly pay board contracts.

TalentHook features one of the most comprehensive lists of available resume sources online. Powered by time-tested spider search technology established in 1999 by Resource Edge, TalentHook is a workhorse front-end prospecting and candidate management tool that has helped recruitment functions increase their productivity and improve performance, for over a decade. Let’s review how the search features of TalentHook Cloud can make an immediate impact on your productivity:


Diversified Search: Consolidate your online resume search through one tool. TalentHook simultaneously searches over 2,200 resume sources including:

  • Pay Boards like Monster and CareerBuilder
  • Free Boards and Social Networks like Indeed, Craigslist and LinkedIn
  • Open Web Sites including dozens of popular search engines like Google and Bing, Internet Service Providers, military and organization sites and community pages
  • Colleges with a vast collection of over 700 College and University websites
  • Flip Search the “mixed bag” of search categories, featuring hundreds of companies and organization urls that provide results when using our advanced x-ray and flip search technology

Automated Search Agents: Recruiting’s version of “set it and forget it,” the Search Agent feature stores your popular search strings and the websites you want to search, then conducts daily searches for you while you work or play. Scheduled searches run and stop based on your search requirements (without violating your pay board search contracts) and advanced search options allow you to target specific geographies, skill sets and experience levels easily and effectively. Begin each day with new people to source.

No Resume Duplicates: TalentHook Cloud automatically bypasses resumes that have already been downloaded. Each resume search brings back fresh resume content that is absolutely new. Every time.

Store and Save Searches: Juggling multiple jobs that have different search requirements? Store and save searches in TalentHook where you can call them up, edit them, run them or manage them at any time. Build your own “search library” so that future searches can be initiated with one or two clicks of your mouse.

Advanced Search Techniques: Avoid spending money on search training and advanced Boolean logic search classes to learn how to find the needle in the haystack. Deep internet search techniques like “flip” and “x-ray” search are completely automated in TalentHook, giving you the ability to peel back layers on web pages and drill down deep into websites to locate obscure or hidden resume content. All you need to do is select the places you want to investigate. TalentHook does all the rest.