About Us


Resource Edge is a software development company that designs business recruitment search and prospecting solutions across various industries. With a diverse professional team of developers, industry researchers, staffing executives and team members with a broad range of experience in staffing, recruiting and recruitment organization strategy, the Resource Edge team is committed to designing solutions that optimize and automate functions that lead to better business performance.

Resource Edge was founded in 1999 by recruiters looking to establish an effective way to automate and improve the Internet resume search and candidate management process. Coming from the transaction-based and high volume staffing industry, Resource Edge engineers and executives experienced the challenge of a cumbersome and ineffective manual searching for process, which laid the groundwork for the technology that removes the redundancy of online search and the automation of critical business functions that can cause costly delays when they do not function optimally.

The TalentHook product brand has been recognized among recruitment and staffing professionals for well over a decade as one of the fastest search products and reliable recruitment tools on the market.

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