Resource Edge has been a software solutions provider creating technology that facilitates automated recruitment, powerful marketing and front-end prospect management since 1999. Recognized for achievements in the world of recruiting and technology, Resource Edge is a solutions provider for thousands of companies including many in the Fortune 500.

Resource Edge has worked extensively with clients in Staffing, Corporate Recruiting, IT, Insurance and Financial Services, Call Centers, Medical and Retail industries.

Resource Edge has offices in Nevada, Texas and Illinois with a leadership team comprised of professionals with over twenty years of experience in the design, implementation and strategic use of technical solutions that streamline the way clients manage productivity and boost performance.

Timely Support

Our support and training team commits to following up on your support and training issues with an initial response within 24 hours of your request.

Innovative Ideas

We our consistently looking for ways to enhance and simplify our users experience. Once we turn those ideas into features, we release them to our clients with no additional charges.

Unique Customization

Every business is unique. We feel you shouldn’t have to navigate around features you don’t want or need, to run your business. We work the way you want to work. 

Powerful Communication

Communication is the most critical function of any business. As a result, we pack our solutions with strong tools and automation to help you schedule important contact and save time. 

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