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Manage and grow your organization with powerful features and reporting.
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Manage your sales and client lifecycles with powerful automation and reporting.

TalentHook Cloud offers a full ATS suite that allows you to leverage all of TalentHook’s internal search, calendar scheduling, automated communication and document management tools to track and stay ahead of your sales pipeline of Accounts, Clients, Companies, Contacts and more. Here are 5 compelling reasons why you should schedule a demo of TalentHook ATS today: 

Custom Entities & Record Types

TalentHook offers something most ATS products do not – the ability to completely customize your product for the way you do business. From record types, fields, stages and actions, permissions and labels all the way up to reporting, TalentHook gives you a platform to work the way you want to. 

Dedicated Sales Workspace

TalentHook’s workspaces provide a clean, easy way for users to customize their workday and quickly access the types of content they want to focus on for the day.  The sales workspace help ensure your entire staffing operation find the type of data they want to work, and keeps that lifecycle free of gaps, bottlenecks and roadblocks for sales success. 

Productivity Tools

TalentHooks includes smart business tools including Outlook and Google sync, smart calculating fields to sort out bill rates and cost burden and a convenient online event calendar system that allows you to schedule appointments, confirmations and event reminders with no administrative tasks required.


Compliance Actions and Task Points

Keep your process clean, consistent and free of human error with automated actions. These actions are customizable through each stage of your data lifecycle. They allow you to set automatic follow up points, tasks, emails, reminders, scheduled events and confirmations so that no administrative “to-do” gets skipped. Automated actions ensure process compliance, cleaner reporting and optimal database management.

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Build custom detail sales activity and pipeline reports with convenient dashboards that help your teams track and measure individual and team performance. Reports are built based on the requirements of the user and can be built based on every data point in the application.