TalentHook Cloud is a feature-rich, front-end prospecting and candidate management tool. Designed to automate and simplify the candidate search and identification process and drive better results, features fall within these primary categories:

TalentHook is a workhorse front-end recruitment tool that has produced fast, automated and exhaustive search for over a decade. With TalentHook Cloud, that tradition continues and comes loaded with additional features to make online candidate collection even better. TalentHook Cloud significantly enhances the volume and quality of your online resume search with automated search, aggressive search agents and a comprehensive resume resource list of thousands of websites.
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Recruitment Marketing
From the moment a candidate is downloaded into the application, TalentHook Cloud begins a short candidate email marketing drip campaign. Smart marketing outreach helps to create a cycle of incoming candidate interest before you’ve initiated your first call to your top prospects. Using TalentHook gives your company automated recruitment marketing outreach that drives potential candidates to call you or visit your job content online before you pick up the phone. 
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Candidate Prospect Management
Keep tabs on every prospect with event and calendar reminders, smart pipeline folders that can be customized to match your process and resume filtering that ensures you view and download a candidate once. Never let another prospect slip through the cracks of your recruiting process. Organize your recruitment activity, track candidate details and keep tabs on prospects without missing a beat.
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Learn how to use TalentHook Cloud to generate a detail report on your candidate pipeline activity within minutes. Simple, up to the minute reporting that gives a quick overview of your candidate volume on any given job.
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Cloud Data Storage
All of the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of automated prospecting combined with the flexibility of a cloud data storage. TalentHook Cloud allows users to log in from multiple locations and still keep tabs on all their important prospects and recruitment activities. 
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