Cloud Data Storage

Access your data from any location.


Advantages of TalentHook Cloud:

The Application stays on your desktop; your data is available anywhere you have the application installed.
TalentHook Cloud installs as previous versions of the software have – with one critical difference: now users can login from multiple access points. Need to access your application from a remote location? No problem!

Cloud data storage ensures your data is always backed up.
Never worry about a hard-drive crash again. Your talent data including tracking activity, candidate details and history are all stored virtually so you never lose your candidate pipeline history.

Liberate your users so they can make the most of the talent pool you have created for your organization.
Cloud storage keeps your data available across your office network so prospect data can be shared and traded between users as desired. Users can provide seamless coverage even when a member steps away from your hiring process. Team members can pull up a prospect and review the tracking and candidate history linked with the company. You and your team can ensure every prospect becomes an invaluable potential resource for future opportunities.