If you are a recruiting professional, you know this scenario well:

You are buried under deadlines, juggling candidate lists and preparing to call back a prospect when you receive that urgent request for a pipeline update on a job. Instead of hastily pulling together manual data from a variety of sources, checking statuses and spending an hour pulling together a one-time report – TalentHook Cloud gives you all the reporting flexibility you’ll need to provide an informative, up to the minute accounting of all your recruitment efforts.

Use the Reporting Feature in TalentHook Cloud to:

  • Create your own custom lead detail report on any job in the application
  • Show important information including status folder, candidate name, contact information and lead detail information
  • Run reports based on all jobs or select from the jobs housed in the application
  • Prioritize, color code and sort fields based on your preferences
  • Sort and view candidates by status
  • Export and deliver detailed information in minutes