Recruitment Marketing

Make your recruitment communication fast, simple and consistent.


Finding prospects in TalentHook is easy.

Once you have a folder full of prospects, it is important to contact them quickly.

For maximum efficiency a combination of phone contact and email contact can help you reach that valuable prospect and make an impression. In the demanding world of staffing, the recruiter who makes the first contact has the best chance of closing the deal.

TalentHook Cloud provides spam-free clean email technology that walks you through building a compelling message that makes a great first impression. When you’ve shared important information about the position and supportive information that helps you forge a new connection, our white list email servers ensure that great message doesn’t get stuck in a spam folder or stuck behind an email firewall.

With our smart email drip marketing campaign functionality you can ensure you never fall off a prospects radar and make a strong first impression using the following features and capability:

  • Automate the email campaign from the moment a prospect is downloaded into the application
  • Create an entire campaign of messages that automatically send to your prospect for up to two weeks once the prospect has been downloaded
  • Include hyperlinks within your communications to direct prospects to job openings on your career website, your premium job postings or to other recruitment marketing online content
  • Personalize your email templates so each communication addresses each individual personally
  • Set the campaign to automatically stop once a prospect enters your recruitment process
  • Create a library of communications that include personalized macros that keep details like job title or meeting dates relevant to the recipient.
  • Create a template for every type of communication you may need in your hiring process so communications become as quick as a few mouse clicks
  • Set reminders, driving directions, or follow up emails to be sent once a prospect enters any status you designate