Resource Edge soft-launched the newest version of their well-established front-end recruitment tool, TalentHook. Along with the flexibility provided with the new cloud computing capability, TalentHook Cloud also introduces innovative and user friendly features that build on TalentHook’s reputation as a speed and efficiency product. 

To assist clients with mastering the features within TalentHook Cloud, Resource Edge is launching a new strategic training initiative called GPS: Gaining Productivity Series. This series of interactive training sessions will be made available to Resource Edge clients this year and will focus on providing tips on how to build make the best use of TalentHook Cloud search, management and admin tools within a recruitment operation. 

“This year when we began evaluating how we could better serve our user population. We evaluated the way clients use our products and features. We explored where clients may be missing some opportunities to further streamline some of their administrative steps and the reasons why some features are sometimes under-utilized ,” says Cheryl Hardy, Chief Marketing Officer at Resource Edge. “The reality is, with so much functionality built into our solution, even with strong baseline training, there is still tremendous value in standing back, mapping out the business process and looking at how to fully utilize a front-end recruitment tools like TalentHook Cloud within the client organization. GPS will fill that need for strategic training, giving our clients tips, scenarios and providing step-by-step insight on how to automate and streamline the recruitment process beyond setting searches, increasing your sourcing volume and managing results.” 

The training series will be offered at no charge, on an on-going basis to Resource Edge clients and will begin this Spring. 

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