The news is out this week: Resource Edge, makers of recruitment software product, TalentHook Cloud and insurance and financial service prospecting tool, InsuraSeek, recently released a product enhancement enabling users of both products to more efficiently source talent with a military background. The TalentHook product, which currently features over 2300 online resume resources, organizes resume sources by type, including: premium websites, colleges, social networks, open web sourcing and now most recently, military hiring websites. This new military search category will help clients quickly structure and execute searches specifically targeting websites that cater to the employment interests of veterans.

Military veterans are a very broad, very viable talent pool for any industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2013, there are over 21 million veterans currently not on active duty – representing 9 percent of the adult population of the United States. With a broad range of professional and military experience, many veterans also come to the hiring table with very solid educational backgrounds. In fact, from 2000 through 2009, the percentage of veterans possessing an advanced degree eclipsed the number of non-veterans with the same degree level.*

Don Weis, President and Chief Operations Officer for Resource Edge, has a long career in recruitment and is a veteran of the Air Force. He has also been an outspoken advocate for strong veteran recruitment. “As a retired Air Force Non-Commissioned officer, I know firsthand the outstanding attributes our military veterans bring to the table of any employer. It’s has been a great joy watching the accelerated career growth of military men and women who have been under my supervision as a business executive,” says Weis. “I believe giving a veteran a shot at a good civilian job post their service is not just a great business move, but also a duty. I am very happy our Resource Edge team has the opportunity to help clients quickly find veterans seeking employment through the addition of a Military search category in our InsuraSeek and TalentHook tools. This new category allows us to play a part in a mutually beneficial process – our clients add veterans to their workforce, and veterans find great jobs.”

The military category currently features popular websites like, and The company will continue to add additional military-focused resources as a part of the company’s ongoing expansion of resource offerings provided in both systems. Touting one of the most comprehensive resource offerings in the business of recruitment, the new military category promises to provide clients the best chance at developing a strong, diverse pipeline of talent.

* Education reference: Educational Attainment of Veterans: 2000 to 2009, Prepared by the National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics, January 2011

About Resource Edge: Resource Edge, founded in 1999 by recruiters, commits to establishing software solutions that automate and improve the front-end recruitment process for a variety of vertical markets. Resource Edge has created product suites that have assisted thousands of hiring professionals for over a decade. With key leaders possessing over 50 years combined experience in the staffing and recruiting industry, their development and business mantra has been, “products built by recruiters for recruiters.”

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